July 20, 2015


It gives me much joy to announce that Phi Kappa Theta has been reinstated at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The journey to chartering has been challenging, but the incredible community I have found within Phi Kappa Theta has been worth every struggle. Fortunately for Phi Kappa Theta – Wisconsin Lambda, the community of brothers extends far beyond our 39 current members. It is our alumni brothers whose membership extends back 93 years that separates Phi Kappa Theta from other organizations at Madison.

Now that we are officially reestablished, our collegiate brothers are thrilled to become more engaged in the rich history of Phi Kappa Theta – Wisconsin Lambda. Our chapter plans to send a biannual newsletter to all alumni regarding the status of our chapter and inviting brothers and their families to Chapter Events held during the following months. We hope to see you at the upcoming Alumni & Family Tailgate. I hope you enjoy our first Alumni, Family, and Supporter Newsletter. For more information, please “Like” our Facebook page or send us as email at phikappatheta@madisonpkt.com.

In the bonds of the Phi, the Kappa and the Theta,

Michael Hess


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